Technical Systems

Technical Systems

Through its teams of highly qualified and experienced engineers, and its association with international partners, our Technical Systems Division provides a wide range of integrated technical services and solutions to projects of various sizes. The Division deals with mega projects and total solutions for major complexes like hotels, residential and commercial buildings.

Services Offered

    • Building management and security access control systems.
    • Intrusion detection and assessment system (IDAS).
    • Long range detection and assessment system (LRDAS).
    • HVAC control, energy solutions, facility lifecycle services, lighting control, fire and life safety, digital video and precision environments
    • PLC/SCADA and RTU systems.
    • Integrated, large scale security and ID management systems.
    • Full range of CCTV systems.
    • Home Theater Systems.
    • Interactive Hotel TV solutions for the hospitality market with full graphics.
    • Fire alarm systems.

In our quest to further upgrade our technical capabilities, the division continues to acquire the latest in technology, keeping in mind the ever growing needs of the market.

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