Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The interests of our partners, suppliers and clients are at the center of our strategic decisions. We share their expectations for excellent return on their investments and we deal with them with equality and value. Nesma Trading continues to formulate a clear vision and commitment to its stakeholders by implementing the finest practices in corporate governance. Our strategic road map examines our current situation and presents corporate business structures to sustain our activities. It also projects Nesma Trading for many years to come, taking into account a diverse range of elements including but not limited to social, political, and economical factors and trends. Nesma Trading has come a long way with many years of transitional paths. This transformation was phased-in according to a prescribed timetable. Our internal organizational structure is implemented to rationalize the involvement of board members, management, committees and sub-committees to improve our value added inputs. 

We, at Nesma Trading Company Limited, are serious about our reputation. We understand and take into consideration all of our stakeholders’ concerns which explains our commitment to transparency and fine governance. Our affiliates, public and business venture companies apply strict internal financial controls and comply with stringent reporting and disclosure regulations. We clearly communicate our actions and performance to our stakeholders, in-turn enabling our partners and suppliers to make intelligent and well informed business decisions. 

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