Training and Development

Training and Development

Our employees’ skills are enhanced through the proper attention and prudent business practices of our managers and supervisors on project sites and other locations. Our educational support extends to promising employees showing the initiative, potential and ambition to develop and further their careers. This contribution is an integral part of our commitment towards improving welfare conditions and living standards in our communities. Providing safety and environmental awareness campaigns for our employees has enabled them to achieve international safety and environmental standards in today’s minimum market requirements. Conducting such training campaigns is only a simple step to provide the minimum necessities for performing our business services and to work efficiently and systematically on project sites or locations.

Our activities in the areas of education and training include

  • Employing and training local Saudi nationals through a dedicated Nesma Training Center. This accredited body provides a one- year diploma program and specializes in courses which are also accredited by the Saudi Arabian Governmental bodies.
  • Operating a scheme run jointly with the Kingdom’s Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF).
  • Sponsoring fast track employees for higher education and post-graduate programs.
  • Providing extensive on-the-job training programs for starting employees and career planning.

Through its Training Center, Nesma offers our community of employees and members of the public all the necessary training programs and career path mapping they need to excel at their jobs, from English language courses to high level managerial programs, free of charge.

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